SyMon – Linux system monitoring and alerting

SyMon is a simple Linux system monitoring tool written in Go. Primarily created for monitoring smaller servers, home PCs, and devices like Raspberry Pi, but it is now extended to support full fledged system level monitoring on Linux systems. SyMon also supports custom time series data collection. Which can be used to collect sensor, or application output/performance data. GitHub: Download: Currently, it gathers following metrics under the monitoring interval given in the configuration file.

systats: Go Module to Collect Linux System Metrics

systats is written as a part of my ongoing project to create a system monitoring and alerting system, SyMon. Initially, metrics collection was done as a part of SyMon codebase, but to make the maintainability and compatibility simple, it was taken out as a separate module, systats. Currently tested on Ubuntu and CentOS. Repo: Supported system metrics: Operating system Distro Hostname Kernel Current logged in users Uptime Last boot date/time Timezone CPU Model Frequency Load average Overall Per core No.

Maintaining Multiple Terraform Versions

While for most cases the latest version is enough, depending on the requirements, and providers, sometimes we have to keep a specific older version of Terraform binary handy to manage our infrastructure. Here are some ways users can maintain multiple versions easily on their desktops locally or on servers using third-party tools or manually. Third-party tools Terraform Switcher (tfswitch) and tfenv both similar tools that lets users pick and use a specific Terraform version they or their code requires.